27 Aug 2009

Sysprep Answer File Location in VMware ESX 3.5/VC 2.5

I was looking for the file location of the Sysprep answer files in Virtual Centre 2.5 used with ESX 3.5 when creating a new Customisation Specification for a X64 VM Template but couldn't find it. I realise Customisation Specifications can be accessed in VC via Edit > "Customisation Specifications..." but really wanted to know where and how they were stored.

Not being able to find anything on net, I asked a colleague. He pointed out that they reside in a table in the VC SQL DB called 'VPX_CUSTOMIZATION_SPEC'.

2 Aug 2009

Relocating SQL Server System Database Files

I have built a fair few SQL Servers over the last few years and always look to relocate the System DBs from their default location in the Install folder. The following MS KB article explains how to move the TempDB, MSDB, Model and Master on SQL Server 7, 2000 & 2005. Article is here